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Our versatile Resistance Band Set is the ultimate fitness equipment that every person should own. It has five colour-coded TPR bands in varying resistance levels to suit people of various fitness levels or your desired workout intensity. Two foam-padded handles, two sturdy foot rings and a door anchor are also included to provide extra grip and facilitate varied workouts. You can easily incorporate the resistance bands into and modify existing exercises to maximise effectiveness. The bands are also great cost-effective and space-efficient alternatives to free weights and traditional workout machines. They let you exercise safely even when alone, with no risk of dropping heavy weights on your toes so that you need not have a personal trainer or training buddy watching over you. Best of all, the resistance bands also come with a travel bag for portability, and do not require large spaces for exercise, so you can easily take them with you anywhere to exercise on the road.


5 different resistance bands

Durable and highly elastic

Made from premium-quality TPR

Multiple resistance combo choices

Two foam-padded handles

Door anchor attachment

Sturdy foot rings


Material: TPR

Black: Extra-heavy (13.6kg/30lb)

Green: Heavy (11.3kg/25lb)

Blue: Medium (9.1kg/20lb)

Red: Light (6.8kg/15lb)

Yellow: Extra-light (4.5kg/10lb)

Package Content

5 x Resistance Bands

2 x Foam-padded Handles

2 x Foot rings

1 x Travel Bag

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